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Favourite Download:
 Drumatic 3
Automat perkusyjny wydany przez E-Phonic. Emuluje brzmienia : Bassdrum\r\n- Snaredrum Handclap2 ...
Hits: 511

Top downloads:
 Sun Ra FX
SunRa Sound FX to wyśmienity generator tekstur psychodeliczno-ambientowych.
Hits: 840

 MadTracker 2.6.1
 Buzz Machine
 Virtual DJ 6.0.7
 Dr-Fusion 2
 Chainer 1.03
 Drumatic 3
 ModPlug Tracker

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eXtream Software Development releases a series of...
eXtream Software Development has released a series of video tutorials for their multitrack audio/MIDI sequencer app Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for Android and iOS. The tutorials were made [Read More]
Steinberg releases Nuendo 8
Steinberg Media Technologies today released the eighth iteration of its advanced audio post-production system after first announcing Nuendo 8 at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco [Read More] upgrades ALK incorporating new UI feature... has updated ALK, a looper/sequencer/DAW music performance software application for Mac, to v1.0.30, featuring bug-fixes and a new audition recording feature. Features: Always audition [Read More]
Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.3.0.4 for...
Ivosight has updated Soundop, a Windows application to edit, record, mix and master audio content, to Changes: Improved effect plugin management when adding and removing effects. Fixed [Read More]
Sonic Academy releases How To Use Logic Pro X Beginner...
Sonic Academy has released a new "How To Use" beginners course for Logic Pro X. If you've recently started out using the software or are considering changing your current DAW, then over 17 videos, [Read More]
Ardour updated to v5.10
Ardour has been updated to v5.10. This is primarily a bug-fix release, with several important fixes for recent selection/cut/copy/paste regressions along with fixes for many long standing issues [Read More]
Adobe updates Premiere Pro CC 2017 to v11.1.2
Adobe has updated Premiere Pro CC 2017 to v11.1.2, which contains important bug fixes as well as performance improvements. It also adds support for the 10 bit formats of the Panasonic GH-5. This [Read More]
Akai updates MPC Software to v2.0.2 Beta - Goes Dual...
AKAI Pro has launched the first beta update to the MPC 2.0 Beta software. MPC Version 2.0.2 Beta Release Notes Important: This software is for 64-bit operation only. This release can be controlled [Read More]
n-Track Studio updated to v8.1.3
n-Track Studio for Mac and Windows has been updated to v8.1.3. New features: Added instrument browser for quickly browsing and adding virtual instruments: click a MIDI channel output to open [Read More]
Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.0.3
Audio Helper Project has updated Samplism to v1.0.3. This update is available for free from the Mac App Store. This update includes the following improvements: New features: Added a feature to [Read More] upgrades ALK to v1.0.21 and includes new... has announced version 1.0.21 of ALK looper/sequencer/DAW. The Berlin-based company has addressed a number of stability issues that arose during the first weeks following the [Read More]
MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular VST to v7.4.11
MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular VST to version 7.4.11. Changes: Plug-In Slot module: The list with possible inserts was filtered depending on the slot's I/O setup, but that could be [Read More]
audioström updates LiveProfessor to v2.1.0
audioström has updated LiveProfessor, the live oriented plugin host for Windows and Mac OS X, to v2.1.0. Changes: Added Wire View, a new way to make audio connections. Changed plugin window [Read More]
MAGIX releases Sequoia 14
With a host of new features regarding editing and hardware support, MAGIX has announced the release of Sequoia 14, specifically designed for the needs of big-studio audio and broadcast engineers. [Read More]